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Advanced modeling software for storm water, wastewater, watershed and water distribution systems.


Who are we?

H&H Software Solutions has partnered up with Computational Hydraulic International (CHI), Canada for reselling hydraulic modelling software PCSWMM in India. 

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What is PCSWMM ?

  • PCSWMM is the only software which can perform all water related modelling with equal ease.

  • PCSWMM has the capabilities to carry out clean water/ water distribution network modelling, sewer collection systems modelling, storm water modelling, river modelling and flood modelling in 1D and 2D.

  • PCSWMM can independently work without a separate Arc GIS license, while all types of GIS data can be used with PCSWMM.


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PCSWMM can be used for modelling a variety of water and sewage related applications under one platform. PCSWMM can also perform specialized modelling like Low Impact Development, 2D and Rainfall analysis with ease, which may otherwise require multiple softwares to do the same.


Cost effectiveness 

With a single PCSWMM license, one can perform all the functions that would otherwise require multiple software licenses from other brands in the market, at just one third or one fourth the total cost. The cost effectiveness and technical advancement makes PCSWMM an indispensable tool in modelling.


One of a kind 

PCSWMM is the only software that can run both EPA SWMM5  and EPANET Engines.


Applications :

With a high performance, stand-alone GIS engine at its core, you can efficiently analyze systems, synthesize, develop and prove models and make informed decisions.

PCSWMM will help improve your new water supply, drainage and green infrastructure design, floodplain delineation, sewer overflow mitigation, water quality and integrated catchment analysis, 1D-2D modeling – and much, much more.

Features :

Scalable, robust and affordable, PCSWMM is the spatial decision support system for water management modeling.

PCSWMM is built to accommodate your existing software ecosystem – and with its open standard data formats, sharing your work with clients and colleagues is effortless. PCSWMM's open source engine is far from a black box, so you can confidently work with transparent and trusted code.

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